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Here are a few pages that have been on my site for quite a while. I'm generally not maintaining them, but some of the information might be helpful to you.

Google Maps North America Satellite Photos

These are interesting aerial views. The contrast between the maps and the aerial views is part of the fun. From the map view, click on "Satellite" near the top-rght corner of the page to see the aerial view instead. You can drag the image around and zoom in and out.

Photographers and travelers

Some friends and travelers I've met are also photographers. Here are their photos. Some of the sites are mostly about photography; others are more travelogue:

photo by Audrey Scott Audrey Scott sent me this photo while she was preparing for a photography class on fairy tales. That gave me the hint I needed for this caption. Her photos can be like a dream. A lot of them leave me a bit "on edge" with an unusual balance in the composition or a pattern I don't notice at first. Audrey and her husband Daniel Noll -- who's also a photographer and a talented writer -- are dedicated travelers. Their website Uncornered Market has their photos and (extensive!) travel stories.
Photo by Linda Aragon I met Linda Aragón on a trip along one of my favorite roads between my home in Tucson and the state where I grew up, New Mexico. Now she's a client of mine. Her photos of southwestern New Mexico show a part of the state that (unfortunately) not many people see.
Photo by Bill Wohler Bill Wohler (on the left in that photo) was co-author of the third edition of my first book. Besides being a software expert, he's a sailor, diver, and a traveler other ways, too... with stories and photos to match. (From his home page, scroll down to "Journals".)
Photo by Claudio Vazquez Each time one of Claudio Vázquez' images flash onto my screen, I say "wow!"... and I can't stop looking at it.
Photo by Martin Beebee Martin Beebee specializes in stunning, super-sharp nature photography — though he does a lot more too. He (and his wife Carol, when she can get away from work) spend weeks in the backcountry hiking, camping... and grabbing great shots on his Nikon.
photo by Cynthia Shoemaker Cynthia E. Shoemaker is a world traveler who lives in Tucson. She has an eye for composition -- especially patterns and colors -- and a love for nature.

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Here are some random sites that you might want to visit:

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