Shell Variables, Loops

  • Shell variables store strings. Bourne shell syntax here:
    $ files="one.html two.html three.html"
    $ emacs $files
    $ cvs add $files
  • Use command substitution to store command output in a variable:
    $ files=`find . -name '*.html' -mtime -1 -print`
  • Loops (for in Bourne-type shells, foreach in C-type shells) repeat series of commands, storing an argument in a variable before each pass:
    $ for file in one.html two.html three.html
    > do cp -i $file $file.bak
    > done
  • Combine loops with wildcards, variables and/or command substitution:
    $ for file in *.html
    $ for file in `find . -name '*.html' -mtime -1 -print`
    $ for file in $files
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