Email in the UNIX style: MH

  • MH (new version: nmh): set of email utilities that work with shells
  • Basic examples (MH does a lot more):
    • To see message 23 on screen:
      $ show 23
    • To print message 23:
      $ show 23 | lpr
    • To search for messages from joe (gives message numbers):
      $ pick -from joe
    • To search for messages and print directly:
      $ show `pick -from joe` | lpr
    • To list message folder names (-fast omits details):
      $ folders -fast
    • To loop through your message folders, printing all messages from joe (simplified a bit):
      $ for fol in `folders -fast`
      > do show `pick -from joe +$fol` | lpr
      > done
  • GUI interfaces to MH: exmh, mh-e (Emacs), others
  • More info:,
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