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Unix/Linux-related training or technical writing in any field.
Keyword Summary
UNIX, Linux, Java, scripting, author, teacher, trainer, audio, sound, design, typography, MSCS degree
Employment in Computing
Twenty-five years computing-related experience. Fast learner (mainly self taught) with MSCS (Masters degree, Computer Science).
  • Self-Employed Writer, Editor [summary]
    • Monthly "Power Tools" column for Linux Magazine: Intermediate- to advanced-level tips and techniques for using Linux and Unix systems. Online copies available three months after print publication on my articles page. (6/2002-3/2010)
    • Co-author of From Bash to Z Shell: Conquering the Command Line (2004). other books for O'Reilly Media (see below).
    • Consultant for MicroVector, an IT consultancy in London headed by Graham Ellsbury. (2/2004-present)
    • Editor for Systinet Corp., Prague, Czech Republic (now part of Hewlett-Packard): Edited web services documentation written by non-native English speakers. (4/2002-6/2002)
    • Updates to two of my existing books for O'Reilly Media (12/1998-3/1999, 12/1999-10/2001)
    • Wrote short book Introduction to Java and NetBeans Java IDE, as well as editing the User's Guide to the NetBeans Java IDE (Interactive Development Environment), on contract to NetBeans, Inc. (now part of Apache). (10/1998-1/1999)
    • Complete revisions of two of my existing books: second edition of UNIX Power Tools, fourth edition of Learning the UNIX Operating System. (1997)
    • Began Z-Mail System Administrators' guide on contract to NCD, Inc.. Project canceled for reasons unrelated to my work. (1996)
  • Senior Information Specialist [summary] for Scriptics Corporation (now part of Interwoven). (6/1999-11/1999).
    • Wrote Documentation on Tcl/Tk and Scriptics products based on it.
    • Developed courses on Tcl/Tk and related tools.
  • Writer, Webmaster, Programmer [summary] for O'Reilly Media (1/1991-6/1996).
    • Staff writer: author/co-author of five books about UNIX, email, Internet services. Contributed to other books. Work with page layout, formatting, tools (troff, FrameMaker).
    • Webmaster and server administrator: maintained NCSA server, HTML pages, CGI scripts, FTP and email services, scripts and databases to drive early O'Reilly web services.
    • Answered readers' questions about O'Reilly books.
  • Help Desk Consultant in UNIX and VMS [summary] for Syracuse University Academic Computing Services (1/1989-12/1990).
    • Supported thousands of student and faculty users -- by answering emailed questions, in person as a second-tier consultant at Help Center, and by one-on-one consulting for complex projects.
    • Designed support tracking and help system with scripts and email. Designed and maintained email logging and tracking system.
    • Wrote and updated user documentation on using UNIX and VMS utilities, printing, email, etc.
  • Technical Writer [summary] for Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (1/1988-1/1989). Wrote documentation and training materials for users of a research center in parallel computing: the NPAC User Guide, materials for a course, and Mach operating system documentation.
  • Course Developer and Instructor [summary] for Tektronix, Inc., a Fortune 500 electronic equipment manufacturer (6/1983-12/1987).
    • Developed and taught courses on UNIX basic usage, editing, email, text formatting, efficient use, shell programming, RCS (Revision Control System), make Utility, an intensive one-week UNIX Introduction for programmers, as well as C Programming and custom designed courses.
    • Students were employees at all levels (technical, non-technical).
    • Some page layout, formatting and scripting support, using troff and other tools, for the Technical Communications group I shared my office with.
  • Student Co-Op Programmer [summary] at NAVELEX (Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Center), Mare Island shipyard, Vallejo, CA (1980). Programmed HP minicomputer, in HP BASIC, to track equipment installation on ships and submarines worldwide. Documented program. (I was hired to install equipment on ships and subs. But US security clearance didn't come until the end of my six-month Co-Op period, so I did programming instead.)
Other Employment
  • Electronic Evaluation Engineer [summary] for Tektronix, Inc., a Fortune 500 test equipment manufacturer (9/1981-5/1983).
    • Evaluated designs and performance of oscilloscope accessories (probes) and plug-in modules (amplifiers, digitizers)
    • Wrote and evaluated documentation.
    • Trained other employees (informally) in UNIX as I taught myself.
  • Radio Announcer, Engineer [summary] mostly part time (various periods until 12/1990). Announcer at WSYR, Syracuse NY; Y94 (WYYY), Syracuse NY; K103 (KKCW), Portland OR; KBAI, Morro Bay CA; WCFR, Springfield VT; KCPR, San Luis Obispo CA; KGRT, Las Cruces NM; KINT, El Paso TX; KRWG/KNMS, Las Cruces NM. Engineer at KNMS, Las Cruces NM.
  • Clerk, darkroom worker, photographer, assistant manager [summary] for Los Alamos Photo Shop, Inc., a family-owned retail store in Los Alamos, NM (various periods until 1981):
    • Sales to customers.
    • Passport, some wedding and commercial photography.
    • Extensive darkroom work, black-and-white and color.
    • Supervised three other employees and managed store during owners' times away.
Related Skills
  • Communication [summary]: The links below will take you to the corresponding job in the Employment section, where you'll find more information.
  • Design [summary]:
    • Photography; darkroom work: Skill: Work with images (composition, visual qualities, etc.).
    • Technical Communication, Print Publishing: Skill: Work with pages of text (layout, leading/kerning, typeface, etc.).
    • Art and Graphic Design: Not much formal training, but I love all kinds of art (painting, sculpture, theater, etc.). Skill: A developing sense of design, layout, balance, aesthetics.
  • MSc degree in Computing Science [summary] at the University of London, Birkbeck College (10/1997-9/1998; graduation 3/1999). Intensive one year Masters degree course that emphasized information technology. Course project (final four months) was MIME email display written in Java using JFC/Swing, RMI, and MH email system.
  • Various Short Courses [summary] (1982-1996). Courses included C Programming (introductory and advanced), Data Structures, Human-Computer Interface, Theoretical Computer Science, PostScript language, UNIX Internals, UNIX Device Drivers, C++ Programming, Perl Programming, Effective Writing, and several courses that earned a Certificate in Instruction & Training Technology at Portland State University.
  • BS degree in Engineering Technology/Electronics [summary] from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (9/1977-6/1981).
    • Degree similar to BS in Electrical Engineering but has a more practical slant: less math, more intuition and "hands on" lab work. Coursework included welding (gas/arc), milling, engineering drawing as well as electronic theory (circuits, communications, computing, control theory, etc.), calculus, physics.
    • Extensive practical work, including six months' Co-Op employment.
    • "Outstanding Student in Engineering Technology" award. Founding member of Cal Poly chapter of Tau Alpha Pi national Engineering Technology honor society. Graduated with honors.

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