Tucson Bicycling

In its August 2010 issue, Outside Magazine calls Tucson a "cyclist's paradise." I've been bicycling here for years — winter and summer — and it's true. I don't race, and I usually don't ride off-road; I ride city streets (mostly the side streets) and bike paths.

Here are some tips, links, and info to help you enjoy Tucson bicycling. (Some of them are for racing, clubs I don't belong to, and other pages that I thought might be helpful. Please send me suggestions and updates!)

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Clubs, organizations, etc.

Bicyclists, their stories and their blogs

Government (more interesting than it sounds)

Maps, Rides, Cycling Routes

Bike Shops

I can't possibly list all of the businesses here in Tucson that sell and repair bikes. Here are some that I know and like, ones that seem prominent in the community, and also peoples' suggestions (please send me yours):

El Tour de Tucson

This is the Tucson bicycle race. MORE INFO.

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