Jerry Peek's Water Saving Tips

These pages list ways I've come up with, over the years, to save water almost painlessly. (I grew up in the southwestern US, where water has always been precious.) I've put them on my website in case they help other people find new ways to save this increasingly-precious resource.

Saving water isn't a chore for me: it's a game, a challenge. Instead of feeling like it's a pain, I think of how to do the best I can (without spending too much time at it...).

If you have comments or other ideas, I'd be glad to hear from you! Just click the "contact" link at the bottom of any of these pages.

(And here's a long and thorough New York Times Magazine article from October 21, 2007: The Future Is Drying Up, by Jon Gertner. It covers the water situation all over the western US, now and in the future.)

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