The Catwalk

The Cat Walk was a central point in the mining saga of Southwest New Mexico. In this spectacular spot, 5 miles east of Glenwood, a metal catwalk runs over a creek through the narrow Whitewater Canyon. A pipeline, built in the 1890s, brought water to the new town of Graham and its mill.

Graham is gone; but the mill's foundation is still here. Trails connect a picnic area, and miles more of the canyon, to the catwalk itself. The Forest Service charges a $3 entrance fee, payable at a self-service fee station.

The cool canyon and creek are especially popular in the summertime. Be careful, though, during summertime thunderstorm season: a storm even far up the canyon can send flood waters rushing through. Check with the Glenwood Ranger Station for the latest forecast — and come early to get a parking spot.