About Gilascapes and
Linda Aragón

Gilascapes has photographs and information for visitors to Catron County and the Gila (pronounced CAT-run and HEE-lah, by the way). I list everything that I think visitors would like to know about the area. I don't accept payment for listings, and I'm happy to receive suggestions and corrections. You can read more about the area below.

In 2016, Linda decided to discontinue the website. I (Jerry Peek) loved it so much that I asked if I could move it to my personal website. (In other paragraphs, “I” means Linda.) I'll try to update it when I'm in the area, but I'd also be glad to get your suggestions. Please click “Contact” at the bottom of any page.

About Linda: I was born in Old Horse Springs, and I've lived in Catron County all my life. I have two daughters and a granddaughter, and they mean the world to me. When I'm not taking photos of landscapes, I'm taking photos of my granddaughter. I love to travel — I've been to 12 U.S. states, as well as Italy, Greece, Turkey, and London, England — so I have lots of photos.

I first became interested in photography when I was about 15 years old. In 1999, I started showing and selling my work. My main goal with my photography is to show people what a wonderful place this is. My husband Mike and I spend a lot of time outdoors; we hike or ride our rhino (4x4). This is how I've been able to get photos of many of these breathtaking places. We are very fortunate to be able to live in a place that is surrounded by the beauty of the mountains in the Gila. Thanks to God for all his glorious work.

Thank you for visiting Gilascapes. I hope you enjoy my photos!

About the Gila and Catron County: The Gila National Forest is the sixth largest national forest in the U.S., with 3.3 million acres. 790,000 of these acres became the first wilderness area in 1924. The elevation in the Gila ranges from 4,000 ft. to 11,000 ft. Hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting attracts many people to the Gila. This is what keeps Catron County alive and strong.

Catron County was created from the western part of Socorro County on February 25, 1921. At 6,898 square miles in area, it's the largest of 33 New Mexico counties. The current population is 3,543, and Reserve is the county seat. The county was named for Thomas B. Catron, a Santa Fe attorney, political leader, and New Mexico's first US senator.